There it is, the NintendOny SNESP

NintendOny SNESP

I bought a ‘defective’ PSP (1001, the original phat model) on the internet. After opening it up, figured out it was just some old soldering that had come loose.

Let's open it up!

So after some work, we’ve got this!

It's ALIVE!!!!

Time to get some software running. It took me some time to figure out how to get emulators running on a PSP, but in the end I found out that you can install something called CFW 6.60 (for firmware 6.60 that is), which you can run from the memory card (linky here).

Once you’ve done that you are ready to enter the fantastic world of emulation on your PSP!

It's a me!

I ordered a new battery, battery cover and some other stuff from China, not least of which this very useful gadget:


What that does is, instead of having to buy ridiculously expensive low-capacity Sony Pro Duo cards, you can just put two incredibly cheap micro-(HC)SD cards in there and off you go! I ordered it from Light in the Box for two euros, but many others have them too. No idea why you can put two cards in there, I only inserted one 8GB card and it runs great.

Next step was a paint job. Getting the front off is easy, just a couple of screws on the back and one on the bottom and you can carefully lift the front. Buttons are trapped behind a rubber that is easily peeled off, only the joystick nub is screwed to the plate.

Prime Time

Couldn’t find any spray cans in the right colors in our neighbourhood, so I hand-painted it instead. Nice and calming work! Dark grey was not cooperating though, as you can see.

painting in progress


Nintendony SNESP

Couple of layers of varnish, re-assembly, and it’s done!

There it is, the NintendOny SNESP

The screen needs a little cleaning up, but I have to say I am very happy with the results!

After playing some games I realized I’m a complete Playstation Noob and have no idea which button to press when it asks for triangle or circle. So as a minor update, it now has the icons on the buttons. I also cleaned up the screen a bit.


All done!

What would I do different next time? Mask the screen in a better way (unfortunately the screen cover is one part with the faceplate, so it couldn’t be separated). Maybe just buy a smartphone screen protector and cut it into the right shape.

I also wouldn’t paint it completely by hand. It turned out nicely, but the edges around the screen are much rougher than they should have been. That could have been either the primer, or the cheap screening tape.

What do you think?


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