Digi-anvil for the base

Hephaistos (In Progress)

With the name of this page being Hephaistos/Studios, I’ve been playing with some ideas to make a Hepaistos diorama for a while now. Hephaistos was the Greek god of the forge and I wanted to bring him to the WH40k universe.

Hephaistos was a cripple because Zues threw him from mount Olympus and later he forged Achilles’ armour (apparently forgetting one important part).

From Wikipedia:

In the Iliad, it is said that Hephaestus built some bronze human machines in order to move around.

Hephaestus’s ugly appearance and lameness is taken by some to represent arsenicosis, an effect of high levels of arsenic exposure that would result in lameness and skin cancers. In place of less easily available tin, arsenic was added to copper in the Bronze Age to harden it; like the hatters, crazed by their exposure to mercury, who inspired Lewis Carroll’s famous character of the Mad Hatter, most smiths of the Bronze Age would have suffered from chronic poisoning as a result of their livelihood. Consequently, the mythic image of the lame smith is widespread. As Hephaestus was an iron-age smith, not a bronze-age smith, the connection is one from ancient folk memory.

Hephaestus was sometimes portrayed as a vigorous man with a beard, and was characterised by his hammer or some other crafting tool, his oval cap, and the chiton.

So, a beard, a hammer, an anvil, some clamps, maybe a hood/cap, and some bronze human machines in order to move around!

Let’s do this.


I’ve found a lot of Techmarine-Dreads on the web and I liked the idea of using the Blood Angels Librarian dread as base. I found someone on the net who wanted to swap the hammer and sword of the Dreadknight, giving me a hammer that was big enough and a sword to forge.

After messing around a bit with the pose and arms I started adding lots and lots and lots and lots of details. This should be a blast to paint! …


Crippled leg: Check


Beard: Check. Time to slap on some PAINT

Red makes 'em go FASTA

This guy also needs a proper base, with an anvil of course. Tubes were made using the Roll Maker set from Greenstuffworld, which is incredibly easy and disturbingly satisfying.Digi-anvil for the base

The plan is to make the anvil more like an altar, and the base needs more clutter.



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