Chaplain with the rest of the squad

Terminator Chaplain

I absolutely love the limited edition Terminator Chaplain from GW. However, I absolutely don’t want to have to spend ca. one million euro’s to be able to buy one. So here’s the plan: I build one myself! This is the result:


With the rest of the squad

Chaplain with the rest of the squad

Work in Progress

I started out with one of the Terminators from the Dark Vengeance box (the one you get twice). Chopped off most DA stuff, as well as the arms and the helmet. All bits come straight from the bits box, so I have no idea where they’re from. First try ended up like this:

Baby steps here

I wasn’t very satisfied with the helmet, as it was sticking out too much. So cutting back the entire helmet, I got this

That's much better!

Much better! But, chaplains need MOAR SKULLS. So I did another dig through the bits box to find anything with a skull on it and made moulds using the utterly fantastic reusable Blue Stuff.

Blue stuff skulls. Lots of skulls.

Scrolls/Streamers were made by flattening a greenstuff roll between plastic sheets and then draping them over the miniature. Final product before paint:





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